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My Newborn Session Clients Ask


ere are a few of my most popular questions I get asked about my Newborn photography sessions and the answers I give. As always, if there are any additional questions you have about my session either have a look at my dedicated Newborn Session page or Contact Me directly. I’m always happy to email, text or chat 🙂

How long does the session take?

We follow your baby’s lead during the session and stop if baby needs soothing, changing or feeding. Typically sessions takes 2 – 3 hours, but I ask you to allow up to 4 hours for the session. The session is not rushed but relaxed, planned around your baby to enable us to get a series of images which really captures the beauty of your baby at this stage. Once your baby has been fed and is nice and sleepy, I will begin to take those gorgeous sleepy images.

Can parents and sibling be in the photo?

Yes! I absolutely encourage this! This is a BIG chapter in your family story, it’s so lovely, not only for you but your baby to be able to look back on these images. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

How do I keep my other child quiet during the session?

You don’t! It’s super hard for any little one to stay quiet for a newborn session (or any length of time for my children). Siblings are of course always welcome to be involved in the session. Photos with siblings/ family are taken at the start of the session. I do ask that a family member or friend collect the sibling/s once the photos are taken, so they are not waiting allowing boredom to set in. We can then spend the remaining of the session focusing on your beautiful newborn in a calming and relaxed atmosphere.

What happens if my baby is early or late?

I completely understand that babies rarely arrive on their due date (only 4% in fact). I take on a limited number of Newborn Sessions per month to give me the flexibility to schedule your newborn session. I just ask that when your little one is born, you please add me to the announcement text or email. I will then send you an email with dates for your newborn session.

Is my baby too old for a Newborn session?

Please don’t worry about your baby being “too old”. Previously, like many photographers, in the years before Covid I used to photograph Newborns in the first 3 weeks. Covid made me reassess things, as I started photographing older newborns up to 6 weeks of age and loved the images. As a result I have now extended my shoots to included babies up to 6 weeks old. What we can achieve varies depending on their stage of development. With older newborns there can be a mix of sleepy and awake photos, but each baby is different, some 8 week old babies sleep the entire session while some 10 day old babies are awake a lot of the time. Either way I am confident I can get you some beautiful photos for you to treasure.

If you would like to book a session you can either click HERE to book directly online or Contact Me for more information.

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