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Ioften get asked how I managed to get babies so settled so they fall into a nice deep sleep. Over my years as a baby photographer I’ve honed down my technique so I am confident I can lull babies inro that sleep they (and you), really need. I thought I would share a some of my tricks with you. So below are my tops tips to help your baby to sleep.

White Noise


The sound of  white noise mimics the familiar sounds that babies hear in the womb. It also helps to drown out additional noises which may disturbed your baby. There are many apps which you can use to play white noise,. However, if (like me), you need an separate device,  I use a DreamEgg White Noise Machine. You can buy it here.


Swaddling baby


Typically I start my sessions by wrapping or swaddling baby. Wrapping your baby in a breathable/ lightweight blanket helps babies feel more secure and comfortable. My eldest had a BIG startle reflex, which would wake him from a sleep, this is reduced when baby is wrapped. 

Swaddling should be secure but not too tight. You should be able to fit two to three fingers between the blanket and baby’s chest. Make sure you place baby on their back to sleep once swaddled. For safety, swaddling should stop once baby is showing signs of rolling over.


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Mummy Scent


Sense of smell is one of the most developed senses at birth. As soon a they are born babies can recognise their mummy’s secent. This is because they have been exposed to their mother’s scent while they were still in the womb.

Mummy’s smell can help to calm a baby and make them feel secure, reminding them of the womb, which can be comforting.

To help your baby to sleep try putting a piece of clothing that has your scent on it near your baby’s bed. This can help them feel more comforted leading them to fall asleep more easily.

Baby Massage


Baby massage is not only lovely for bonding mummy and baby, but there are proven benefits which help your baby to sleep. A massasge reduces stress and relaxes baby.

The benefits aren’t just getting your baby to sleep but the quality of sleep is improved, leading your baby to have longer deeper sleeps. 

If you a looking for a Baby Massage Class I recommend my business buddy Lindsay from The Mummas Village


Rock it


My beloved Rockit. I attach this to my Newborn posing table, which makes it gentle vibrate. It is a little Rocket shaped device which can attach to prams and buggies, allowing your baby to be rocked into a gentle sleep. 

This didn’t exist when I had Elliott but thankfully it came out in time for me to use it with Aidan (and then my tiny newborn clients).

A new rechargeable version of this is now available here. Make sure you get the Rocket version and not the little Spaceman. Although the spaceman is good it doesn’t rock as much as the actual rocket.

 I hope these tips have helped you. Remember, lack sleep will not last forever. I know it seems like that at the time but it really wont! It’s totally normal for your sleepy baby to have sleep regression. Aidan went from being a great sleeper to many night wakings, to being a great sleeper again. 

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