Tips to avoid the

Christmas Overwhelm

I love love love Christmas. Always have, always will, but the older I have got, the more I have had to do. Sometimes, the events, buying presents, wrapping presents, organising the food, the people, the decorations (well you get the picture), can all be a bit much. For me, November is typically the busiest month, with my usual shoots plus my Christmas Minis and Christmas looming, so I have to be super organised. I found a few people that really helped me this year and I hope they can help you too.


1) The Batch Lady


It never occurred to me to prep Christmas food SO early. Whenever I’ve cooked Christmas dinner in the past I have either cooked all the veggies fresh on the day or par boiled them the day before. This year I am following The Batch Lady’s method. It is all about making it in advance and freezing. I know some of you might read in horror about a frozen Christmas dinner, but for me this is the perfect year to try it. My hubby is working 12 hour night shifts all over Christmas. Christmas day the boys and I are staying home so Rich can wake up and enjoy a family Christmas dinner. This does mean I have minimal cooking time as I want to look after and spend time with the boys. So far I’ve prepared roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips. It’s easy peasy. Have a look at her page and see if you want to give it a try.


2) The Organised Mum Method (TOMM)


was introduced to TOMM, back when I was pregnant with Aidan. It is a system created by Gemma Bray, all about making house work and organisation a lot more simple and a lot less stressful. There is an Organised Christmas version, which contains helpful tips each week to get things organised bit by bit. While The Organised Christmas has been going on a few weeks now, it’s not too late to follow the advice.


3) Emma Martin Mindfulness


Emma and I met a few years back when I was pregnant. She is mum of two and owner of Emma Martin Mindfulness. I joined one of her classes after I had Aidan and found it super helpful. Emma is all about self care, easing stress and anxiety. I used the techniques she has taught me on myself and more recently my children. Emma’s advice has really helped me in times of stress (like Christmas can be).


4) Cosmic Yoga


This isn’t exactly an organisation tip, but it is great to stick on YouTube for the kiddies if you need some time to get on with things. I find it really helps chill the boys and also, helps promote their own mindfulness, win win!I hope these tips help you have a stress free Christmas. If you have any tips you would like to share please let me know!





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