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Congratulations on your pregnancy! The months leading up to your baby’s arrival can be a time of great excitement. They can also be a bit overwhelming, you’re tired, your body is changing, and if you’re as lucky as me there will be a plethour of people telling you to say goodbye to sleep (very helpful). 

Yes there a lot of things to do to prepare for your new arrival, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you start early and take your time, it can be a lot of fun. Here is a list of some of the most important things you can do before your first baby arrives:


Set up the Nursery


Make it a comfortable and inviting place. Both you and your baby will be spending a lot of time in the room. We brought a Cot bed/ crib which could be highered and lowered. It served both of our boys and is now a toddler bed. Another must have is a Rocking/ Nursing chair. I spent a lot of time not only feeding the boys in the chair but also reading to them. We had space saving chest of draws changing table which could be a stand alone chest of draws when the baby is older. Our has lasted 6 years and counting.

Create a safe Environment


Baby proofing your home is essential once your baby starts moving about. I advise, if you can make little steps before your baby is born, your future self with thank you.

Stock up on supplies


Yes you will need a lot of supplies for your baby, if you start shopping early you can get some good bargins. Various shops hold baby events throughout the year. ‘Bump, Baby and You’ have complied a helpful list of baby events here. You can stock up on nappies, wipes, formula (if you’re not breastfeeding), bottles, muslin cloths, bedding, and bath supplies. You may also want to stock up on snacks and drinks for yourself.

Take an Antenatal Class


Antenatal classes can help you prepare for the physical and emotional challenges of labour and delivery. They can also teach you about different pain management techniques and how to care for your baby after they’re born. These classes are great way to meet other parents-to-be who are going through the same experience. You can share your experiences, ask questions, and get support from others who understand what you’re going through.

Get Organised


Pack your hospital bag so it is ready for an unexpected hospital trips. Speaking of which you will need a nappy bag. I used a nappy bag which could be used as both a side bag and a backpack. Research Apps that you can use to keep track of nappy changes and feeds. 

Create a birth plan


A birth plan gives you the opportunity to clearly have your say about labour and delivery. Have a think early on about your wishing for the birth of your baby. It is however, important to regularly review it in case your feelings change. Also, bare in mind that it might not all go to plan so its a good idea to plan for different eventualities.  

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