It was the last year of university when Rachel met Shaun. Rachel is one is those people who is naturally gifted at sports. She was a member of the university boxing club, which is where she met Shaun. Right from the very beginning they both knew that this relationship was something special. It wasn’t long before Shaun realised he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Rachel.

When Shaun asked Rachel’s father for her hand in marriage, Rachel’s father could do nothing other than happily give his blessing. He could see what anyone who spends a few minutes with them can see, they are made for one another.

On a night out to see the Suicide Girls, Shaun proposed. Rachel knew instantly what her answer would be, but was too shocked and excited to say anything. The seconds seemed to pass like hours but finally Shaun heard the words he longed to hear, ‘YES!’

When I first met Rachel at a wedding fair in Portsmouth, we instantly connected. This was through our mutual love of Lord of The Rings, combined with the fact that Rachel is just so likable! I didn’t meet Shaun until the engagement session, and was so pleased to discover that he is every bit as lovely as Rachel.

For their engagement session, the shoot started off at a gorgeous beach location in Southsea, Portsmouth. The beach is situated adjacent to where their wedding reception will be at the Royal Marines Museum.

Portsmouth Engagment Session_0002

During the shoot I loved the way they brought out each-others playful sides.

Portsmouth Engagment Session_0011

We were bless with gorgeous sunshine all evening.

Portsmouth Engagment Session_0003

It is wonderful to witness the sweet way they interact with one another.

Portsmouth Engagment Session_0004

Rachel you are just gorgeous!!

Portsmouth Engagment Session_0005

For our second location, we went to the beautiful Southsea Rose Gardens. Wow, gardens looked so amazing!

Portsmouth Engagment Session_0006

Just being around Rachel & Shaun I couldn’t help but smile.

Portsmouth Engagment Session_0007

There are so many beautiful hidden locations around Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Engagment Session_0008

On their wedding day Rachel & Shaun are planning to show their guests just how amazing Portsmouth is. They have organised a walk from the church they are getting married, to the reception venue at the Royal Marines Museum. I must admit until this Engagement session I had no idea just how much Portsmouth and Southsea has to offer, wow.

Portsmouth Engagment Session_0009

Rachel & Shaun, You are such a lovely, sweet couple. It was a treat to see so much of Portsmouth, I just love it! I know your guests will love what you have planned for your wedding. I cannot wait for your special day!

Portsmouth Engagment Session_0010


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