I’m so lucky in my job that I get to hear all about my wonderful clients engagement stories. I mean, who doesn’t love a good engagement story? Each one is unique and individual and always guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Well in the spirit of paying it forward, I felt I should share my engagement story.
* All the photos below were taken using my iphone and compact camera!

It only seems like yesterday Richard proposed. We had been together for 5 years and were on a relaxing break in Wales. I hadn’t fully appreciated how breathtakingly beautiful Wales actually is until those few days in April 2012.
We are both fans of the 1970’s TV show ‘The Prisoner’. Richard used to watch it on TV as a child and had recently introduced the show to me. While watching it together we used to say how much we would like to visit the set, (for those of you that don’t know it, The Prisoner was filmed in a beautiful village in Portmeirion, Wales). So when booking our break it seems fitting to go to Wales and visit ‘The Village’.
We decide to stay at Snowdonia, which is close to Portmeirion, so we could also go up the Snowdon Mountain Railway and see the beautiful view from the top of the mountain. On our drive to Snowdonia, we drove up through the stunning Brecon Beacons. Wow, being huge ‘Lord Of The Rings’ fans, we were awestruck by how similar to Middle Earth it looked. It only seemed fitting to play ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ soundtrack as continued on our journey. I had my (very old) camera at the ready, and Richard was so sweet and patient as I kept asking to stop the car to take photos. It took ages to get to our hotel, but it was totally worth it!


On our first day we went to ‘The Village’, which was, despite the wind and rain, every bit as beautiful as we imagined it would be. When we arrived I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, but looking back, Richard was rather quiet. We walked to the centre of the village where there were beautiful fountains and flowers all around us.


As usual we spent some time messing around and taking fun photos. It was in a moment of stillness, the breeze had clamed and rain stopped, that there, right in the centre of ‘The Village’, I turned around to see Richard, on one knee, asking if I would marry him. It was truly the best moment ever and the easiest question I have had to answer (cheesy but true!).

Not only did Rich propose in the loveliest way, he proposed using Galadriel’s ring from ‘The Lord Of The Rings’, using it as a token ring until we brought the ‘real’ one. It was ring, which I had previously told him, I had wanted since I was 18. I couldn’t believe he remembered!


Thankfully Richard didn’t go along with his original plan of proposing on the top of Snowdon. As you can see, the following day we were not blessed with the best weather and unfortunately it wouldn’t have been as romantic as he had planned!


Our wedding is now 3 months away, and despite being engaged for 2 years, it has absolutely flown by! In a theme very fitting to us, we have chosen to have a ‘Lord Of The Rings’, inspired wedding (don’t worry we are not dressing up like Elves and Hobbits, we are using it as means of inspiration).
Yesterday we sent out the last of our wedding invitations!! We still have quite a bit to do, but have been so fortunate to know lots of amazing suppliers who have helped along the way. Plus, I am thankful to have wonderful family and friends who have been brilliant!

Look out for my upcoming blog where I show you how I made our ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ styled wedding invitations.

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