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Thank you so much for your interest in Doorstep Donations, please fill in the form below to register. I am raising money for an amazing Children’s Charity close to my heart, ‘Great Ormond Street Hospital’.

2020 is a year dominated by COVID-19. We are living in a historical time. In years to come, will will be asked,

“What did you do during the Coronavirus crisis? What happened? What was it like?“.

Being a photographer, I have documented chapters in many peoples lives, like getting married, having a baby or simply portraits of families they are growing up. I love my job, I miss my job and I want to do something positive for communities and charities during this time.

This is a new chapter in all of our lives, one that will be talked of for generations. To turn a negative situation into something positive, I am offering you the chance to document this time in your life with a Doorstep photoshoot. Each session will include a digital high resolution image. I am not charging for the session or photos. Instead I ask that if you can afford to, please donate to my charity Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital by visiting my Just Giving page 100% of all the money will be given to GOSH.

Please don’t worry about safty, all sessions will ahead to social distancing. I will remain 2 metres away from your and family at all times, plus I have safty pack of antibacterial wipes and hand gel. If you have any questions regarding this please do ask.

Thank you again for your interest. Together we can be part of something special. Stay Safe.



I kindly ask that you please don’t give a donation until you have had your session with me. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that I can photograph everyone that has applied. The last thing I want to do is disappoint anyone. However if you would like donate to GOSH anyway then please by all means do 🙂


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