You can use my handy forms below to book and pay for your Newborn, Sitter or Cake Smash session. Alternatively you can Contact me to be sent additional information about the sessions or if you wish to book within 7 days. The Sitter, Cake Smash and Newborn – Confirmed Date sessions show direct availability. So using these bookings you know the exact date of your session. Please use Newborn – Confirmed Date, if you have already had your baby or you know the date baby is being born, for example a C-Section.

The Newborn – Due Date works in a slightly different way. As babies come when they are ready, to book your Newborn session please select your due date or date nearest to your due date if your due date is already taken. If you can’t find a date 5 days either side of your due date please contact me directly. Once you book in, you can relax and know everything will be taken care of. You are are now on the system and your slot is secure. Once baby arrives we can schedule in a confirmed date:).

Please note I take on a limited number of bookings each month. While you might see a few days that are available, it might be the case that there is only one or two sessions left. Once those sessions are booked the remaining dates will be removed and allocated to editing, marketing and business admin etc. Please feel free to message me if you don’t see your date free for any of the sessions and I’ll see what I can do. 



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