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Fine Art baby photography in Woking, Surrey from my studio. No baby is too old to be photographed. Different ages and stages of a baby’s first year, brings their own unique possibilities. Being a mum myself, I am amazed at how much my little one is constantly developing. Every day brings something new and wonderful. Following my newborn sessions, there are a few stages which are perfect to document in your baby’s first year.


Baby Photography SurreyTUMMY TIME SESSIONS:


This is typically around 4-5 months. Now your baby can lie comfortably on their tummy they are able to explore life from a brand new perspective. Babies are naturally inquisitive. In this photo shoot I can capture the expressions of your baby as they are on their tummy, lying on their back playing with their toes and having fun exploring. This leads to beautiful smiles, interactions and expressions.

Baby Photography Surrey Cake SmashCAKE SMASH SESSIONS:


[1] Year Old. The landmark 12 month stage where baby is often standing, maybe even walking and for this very special stage I offer 1st birthday ‘Cake Smash’ shoots. This allows your baby’s personality to shine through, as they get totally messy, celebrating their birthday in style. Don’t worry though, the session doesn’t comprise entirely of messy cake filled images. Before we bring out the all important cake, I capture images of your baby beautifully clean and calm.

Baby Photography Surrey SitterSITTER SESSIONS:


This is typically 6-8 months. This milestone session takes place when your baby is sitting up independently but not crawling. I love these sessions as babies usually show off the new found confidence. As you might expect in these session I do focus on your baby sitting up. I also take photos of baby playing, capturing lots of eye contact, interaction and often many giggles.

baby photography wokingBaby photography sessions are certainly a lot livelier than Newborn photography sessions. These sessions are full of energy as I encourage your baby to make noise, play and have fun, so I can get a set of images that reflect your little one at this time. Every baby is different so while one baby may be full of smile, other may be more serious, taking everything in. My aim is to make your baby feel as comfortable as possible so I can capture this freeze-frame in time of how your baby is at each stage. In every photoshoot I capture a variety of differ poses to showcase your babies abilities and growth. All session include parent and sibling photos if you wish. I take family portraits at the beginning of the session to allow you baby time to adjust to the new environment, surroundings and me!

Baby Photography Surrey Footsteps

You are welcomed into my studio for the session, where there is a comfy sofa and plenty of drinks. I encourage you to make yourself at home and enjoy. All of the sessions are styled from my large range of luxury handmade outfits as well as gorgeous props and backdrops. I work with you creating session and look that is perfect for your baby.


If you would like to chat further about a session, please contact me and I will answer any questions you may have or if you are pregnant or know somebody who is and would like more information on my Newborn photography sessions please do take a look at my Newborns page.

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